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Lone Microphone

Shane O’Neill is a London based composer and producer who has worked across multiple genres of film and media. His diverse style encompasses sound design, cinematic and electronic work, right up to scores for full orchestra and chamber ensemble. 

Since a young age Shane has had a natural inclination towards music, learning to play the accordion at the age of 7, later the guitar as well as training in classical piano and singing. His multifaceted musical upbringing is only furthered by years singing in choirs and musical productions in addition to playing guitar and bass in London punk bands. He later fronted his own band Glaashead, formed in 2017. 

Beginning his professional music career arranging and transcribing scores at the Eighty Sixth Floor Music in London, Shane quickly developed a unique understanding of the art of writing music for moving images, learning the intricacies of sound from a variety of genres, orchestrating and preparing scores for production. In 2013, Shane composed his first feature for the documentary, Understanding Helen and since then has been involved in a variety of projects for film, podcast as well as producing and engineering for artists across many genres. 

While earning a Master’s Degree in modern classical composition from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Shane composed for orchestra, chamber ensembles and vocal performance which later developed into making experimental electro-acoustic music and sound design. Since then Shane has spent his time honing his craft and pouring himself over scores and recordings from innovative composers and bands such as Stravinsky, Bartok, Arvo Pärt, Bjork and Sonic Youth. 

Most recently, Shane has been working with The Dark Sire (podcast), a California based publication for which he provides an imaginative and unnerving underscore that drives the narrative of each short story and supports their unsettling themes. 


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